July 29, 2011

Positive Facts About Online Schools

Online schools (also referred to as distance learning or e-learning institutes) are a great alternative to conventional schools, as they follow the same curriculums and offer similar programs. They boast many benefits, especially for those with circumstances that may deter them from pursuing their education via traditional means.


Online schools are convenient and easily accessible; students work around their individual schedules at a pace that’s best for them, at any virtual location.

The environment is less intimidating and there are no classroom distractions. In addition, the technological method makes collaboration among students easier and more comfortable (www.worldwidelearn.com).

Online schools can increase a student’s rate of productivity, communication and time management skills.

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July 29, 2011

Facts About Online Schooling

Obtaining an education online can be beneficial to students if it is not abused. Students must learn to maintain their own schedules in order to meet deadlines. Online education is not the best form of education for all students. If students are known to procrastinate and leave tasks unfinished, online learning may actually hinder their education. However, online classes provide flexible time schedules for students who do not have time to attend classes.


There are many different types of online education. The most popular form of online learning centers around a college education, although high school classes are also available online. This allows high school students to obtain their diploma while attending online classes. Some online schools provide students with a laptop computer so that they have a way of getting their work done.

Students who dropped out of high school years ago had very little options for continuing their education other than obtaining a G.E.D. However, the introduction of online high school programs now allows students to get back on track and obtain their high school diploma with ease. A high school diploma is very important for an individual’s future. According to Online Education Facts, there have been numerous studies conducted which show that the average salaries of individuals with a high school diploma are much greater than those who do not possess a diploma.

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July 29, 2011

Options for High School Seniors With Not Enough Credits for Graduation Read more: Options for High School Seniors With Not Enough Credits for Graduation

High school graduates earn thousands more dollars per year than those who did not graduate from high school. Despite this fact, some students drop out of high school before earning their diploma. Just because a high school senior does not have enough credits to graduate does not mean that he needs to drop out. Students can take summer school classes or stay in school for an extra semester to complete their high school education. Other options include online high schools, alternative high schools and earning a GED.

Summer School or Extra High School Semester

Some seniors need to attend summer school or stay an extra semester to complete their high school education. High school seniors who do not have enough credits to graduate should talk to their academic adviser about scheduling classes during the summer or during the next semester. Academic advisers in high school are trained to help students stay in school and finish their high school education.
Alternative Schools

Many alternative schools are available to at-risk students, students thinking about dropping out of high school or students who have already dropped out. If you are looking for a change from the high school you’re in now, consider trying an alternative high school as an option for finishing your education.

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July 29, 2011

Pros of Online Courses

Online courses have become increasingly popular in recent years. The demand for online classes increased by 73 percent from just 2008 to 2009, according to Sloan Consortium research. The increased demand comes as no surprise given the fact that online courses offer several advantages over the traditional classroom setting. When considering a college, you may wish to consider whether or not they offer online classes or even degrees that can be obtained entirely online.


  • While many recent high school graduates may possess the ability to uproot and leave home to attend college, students working their way through college or adults who have decided to go back to school after several years may not have such a luxury. Online classes offer these students (and traditional college students) a great deal of flexibility in scheduling courses. Working adults can schedule online classes and complete coursework that fits their schedule. Since many online classes only require that you meet certain coursework deadlines within a specified time frame, you can take classes that will not interfere with your working schedule. For traditional students, online classes offer the opportunity to fit additional classes in when scheduling conflicts arise between traditional classes.


  • Taking online courses also allows you to exercise greater control over your education. You have the opportunity to study where and when you want as long as you meet your assignment due dates. In traditional courses you usually have to work at the pace set by the professor. In an online course format, you can watch video lectures over and over or back them up to reemphasize important points.

July 29, 2011

Online High School Facts

As modern day technology advances, the concept of virtual learning has gained credibility and popularity. At an online high school, students are able to attend classes on their on terms, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.




  • The National Education Association has a comprehensive list of online high schools. ..They claim to have quality course design, online educational standards and pedagogy, student assessment, teacher professional development, and teacher certification.


  • Online high schools can be free, where the state pays for the courses, though reliable internet access and textbooks can be costly. For private institutions, the tuition for classes varies. To determine specific costs, contact the institution.


  • Students at an online high school are not required to travel to a classroom and can work on their own terms. This method of learning can promote self-discipline, which is a highly regarded quality in many professions. Online high school students are also less exposed to some social distractions that can be prevalent at traditional schools.

July 29, 2011

The Advantages of Virtual School

  • Virtual schools, also known as cyberschools, are schools that are conducted entirely on the Internet, so that students may attend from any location with online access. While there are many advantages to attending a virtual school, students should be sure to choose one that is accredited so they receive quality instruction.


  • Transportation can be expensive and often is the deciding factor on whether or not a potential student attends a certain school. By attending a virtual school, all students need is a place with reliable Internet access. This means students are free to work from home, at the library, or any place of their choosing. Students who enjoy traveling can attend classes regularly with a laptop and wireless Internet card that will allow them to go to school from any location.


  • Virtual schools offer more flexibility for students who aren’t able to commit to a regular school schedule. Students have more power to set and change their school schedule, and have many options to continue their education, no matter what their work and personal life schedules might look like.

July 28, 2011

Digital Boomtown: Online Learning Is on the Rise

For today’s middle and high school students, being online is nothing new—but there’s a revolution happening when it comes to teens actually using the internet to learn. According to the just-released Learning in the 21st Century 2011 Trends report, the number of middle and high school students learning online is on the upswing and more than 40 percent of students now say online classes are an essential part of their school experience.

The annual survey, produced by education nonprofit Project Tomorrow and Blackboard polled almost 400,000 students, teachers, and administrators from a pretty representative mix of urban, suburban, and rural schools. One half of the roughly 300,000 students who responded come from low-income backgrounds and one third of the schools they attend are majority minority campuses.

So, how significant is the increase in online learning? In 2008 only 9 percent of middle school students and 10 percent of high school students took online classes at school. But, by 2010, 19 percent of middle school students and 30 percent of high school students were doing so. Some of the growth is probably due to the increased availability of the internet in schools. After all, if a school doesn’t have a broadband connection, kids can’t get online to access learning opportunities. Read more…

July 26, 2011

High School Education Right At Your Finger Tips!

So, you dropped out of high school a couple of years back and have come to realize that the world is really not a bed of roses for those who opted out of high school, you still have a chance to get your high school diploma with high schools online schooling programs. High schools online schooling programs offer you the chance to earn your high school diploma.

How Convenient Is High Schools Online Schooling?

High schools online schooling offers sheer convenience to students. Those who enroll to get a high school education through high schools online schooling have the opportunity of getting a reasonable amount of rest and do not have to wake up first thing in the morning in order to get ready and go off to school. With the high schools online schooling system, students can start their day of learning on their schedule.

Is Class Attendance An Important Requirement In High Schools Online Schooling?

Yes, the class attendance requirement must be met when one enrolls in high schools online schooling programs. Even though high schools online schooling has class attendance requirements, these online high schools offer students more flexibility than the brick and mortar high schools. read more

July 26, 2011

Better Opinions About Online School High School

There is a continuous rise in the popularity of online school high school. It is most helpful to teenagers who need to study from home and earn the necessary credits because of some medical or health related problems or carry on the work along with learning of school.

There are various reasons that provoke a student to choose to take the classes and earn their high school degrees online. If an individual is suffering from illness that forces them to stay at home or if an individual has to travel all round the year because of some family issues. Earlier people who were suffering such problems were not able to complete their education or did not receive proper education and left behind the people of their age. Those who used to suffer such things used to lag behind in their education and face rejection in getting any opportunity.

The online schools high school is a form of distance education which works like the courses offered over the internet on the college level. There are various online high schools that offer everyone to take classes from the comfort of staying at home be it at any place. Students who wish to take online high school degree can study by taking the classes which can be catered to their own schedule and learn at own slow or high pace and take tests only after getting fully prepared for it. Every online high school generally have extensive faculty and support staff which includes tutors, teachers and technical personnel. The chat rooms and message boards are also included in the online high schools so that it can help in the discussions between the students that are enrolled to the course. A few online high schools have also developed a new method of sending monthly or fortnightly newsletters and a class ring at the end of the enrollment course. read more..

July 25, 2011

Choosing the School for You

16 Tough Questions to Ask Before Signing Up

Before you enroll in online classes, take a few minutes to interview the school of your choice. Asking your questions upfront can ensure that the school is a perfect match for you. Once you’ve asked the following questions, as well as a few of your own, you’ll have a pretty good idea about whether or not you want to enroll.
1. Is this school accredited? By whom? Make sure that your school is accredited by the correct regional association. If it is not properly accredited, your degree may be rejected by the majority of employers.

2. When will it be reviewed for accreditation? If your school is not accredited, it may be in the process of scheduling a review. Check to see if accreditation is in its future.

3. How much is tuition? Are there any additional fees or hidden costs? Your tuition should be comparable to that of regular universities, perhaps slightly less. Make sure that you won’t be overcharged or stuck with mandatory fees.

4. What education and experience do your teachers have? If teachers will be grading your work or leading you in online discussions, it is important that they have the knowledge necessary to do the job. The majority of junior college teachers have at least a M.A degree in the subject they teach, and the majority of university professors have a Ph. D. in their area of expertise. Distance education teachers should have comparable experience. read more….